Instructor Resume

Jason McCoy
Owner/Lead Instructor
Redpass Training Solutions


Decorated U.S.A.F veteran and Deputy Sheriff transitioning to small business owner.  Specializes in providing innovative training solutions to private citizens.

Redpass Training Solutions LLC (June 2018 to Present)


Owner/Lead Instructor

  • Manages day to day financial operations of business
  • Communicates with clients to provide a highly individualized training experience to meet the client’s needs
  • Delivers training to individuals and groups

St. Mary's County Sheriff's Office (October 2006 to June 2016)

Detective Sergeant

  • Responsible for supervising and leading 12 to 15 personnel at any given time
  • Formulated strategies for the execution of complex criminal investigations and multi-jurisdictional operations
  • Addressed budgetary and manpower concerns

Special Weapons and Tactics Team Member/Assistant Team Leader

  • Sniper/Marksman Observer
  • Assaulter/Element Leader
  • Responsible for planning and execution of tactical operations such as narcotics raids, barricade situations, and hostage rescue
  • Coordinated all team and sniper element firearms training from 2013 to 2016 


  • Certified Maryland Police and Correctional Training Commission Firearms and General Instructor
  • Designed and delivered instruction of a wide variety of topics to include Active Shooter Response, Search Warrant preparation, and less lethal munitions.


  • Investigated a wide variety of crimes to include murder, child and adult sexual offense, property crimes, robbery, and fraud
  • Formulated and executed often complex investigative strategies
  • Coordinated with local, state, and federal prosecutors to insure successful conviction of suspects.

Patrol Deputy

  • Conducted routine patrol activities
  • Frequently interacted with community members from all walks of life and addressed their individual concerns.
  • Conducted community policing and criminal suppression activities.

United States Air Force/Security Forces Specialist (November 1999 to October 2004)

Staff Sergeant

  • Responsible for the supervision and leadership of numerous Airman
  • Provided Security for 32 General Officers and their family members at a high-profile installation
  • Ensure the safe keeping of millions of dollars of nuclear weapons and aviation assets critical to national security

Recognition & Awards

  • Twice recognized for Meritorious Action during the course of armed robbery investigations
  • Twice recognized for Meritorious Service during the course of criminal investigations
  • Earned the Air Force Achievement Medal
  • Earned the National Defense Service Award
  • Earned Expert Marksman Awards in both small arms and crew-served weapons.
  • John L. Levitow Award winner 


Grantham University-Kansas City, Missouri

  • Associates of Science- Criminal Justice-Cum Laude

Mountain State University- Beckley West Virginia

  • Completed program in Executive Leadership

Southern Utah University - Cedar City, Utah

  • Bachelors of Interdisciplinary Studies – Summa Cum Laude
  • Masters of Public Administration – Expected completion 2021


  • First aid/CPR, and Wilderness First Response Medicine
  • Less Lethal Munitions and Distraction Device Instructor- Safariland Training Group
  • Active Shooter and Workplace Violence Instructor- National Tactical Officers Association (NTOA)
  • Instructor- Maryland Police and Correctional Training Commission
  • Smith & Wesson-M&P Pistol Armorer
  • Colt M-16/AR-15 Armorer

Training Highlights:

  • U.S. Air Force Close Precision Engagement Course (Counter-Sniper) (2004)
  • Howard County Police Department Basic S.W.A.T School (2008)
  • U.S. Training Center- Custom SWAT Course (2009)
  • Smith & Wesson M&P Armorer Certification (2009)
  • John E. Reid and Associates- Interview and Interrogation (2010)
  • P.H.I Investigative Consultants Inc- Advanced Practical Homicide Investigation (2010)
  • Southern Police Institute-Homicide Investigation Course (2011)
  • Fulcrum Tactical- Advanced Hostage Rescue (2011)
  • U.S. Training Center -Basic Sniper Course (2011)
  • FTF Tactics- Tactical Armored Vehicle Operations (2012)
  • NTOA-School and Workplace Violence: Preparation and Response (2013)
  • Colt Certified M-16/AR-15 Armorer (2012) (2015)
  • Public Agency Training-Council Practical Kinesic Interview and Interrogation (2015)

Private/Open Enrollment Training

  • OPS/Andy Stanford- Options for Personal Security (2005)
  • CQB Services/Dennis Martin- Combatives 1- Hard Skills Program (2005)
  • Fight Survival Training/Nick Hughes (2005)
  • Shivworks/Craig Douglas- Extreme Close Quarters Concepts (2007)
  • Immediate Action Combatives/Cecil Burch- IA Jiu Jitsu/Pugilistics (2011)

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