Group Classes

All Redpass classes are designed to give attendees a professional grade training experience at an affordable price point. Class sizes are kept small so attendees receive as much individualized attention as possible. While each class does have an established curriculum there is a degree of flexibility that allows training to be tailored to the group. Some groups may grasp material quickly and be able to move on to higher level skills while others may need to spend a bit of extra time building fundamentals. All training is conducted in a safe, low-stress, ego-free environment that we have found to be the most conducive to learning. 

Specialty Courses

Women's Only

While all of our courses are structured in such a way as to be welcoming and educational regardless of one’s gender, some women find it beneficial to train in a class exclusively with other women.  If you are interested in a women’s only course format please get in touch with me directly.  This may be offered as a regular option in the near future.  


Private Training

Redpass Training Solutions specializes in developing customized private training for individuals and small groups. This allows training to be specifically tailored to the needs and concerns of the customer and gives them the accelerated learning benefits of one-on-one training. Private tuition is also an excellent place to start if you have little or no experience with firearms, or if you are struggling to decide what type of firearm is right for your personal protection needs.

Home Security Survey

This service draws on my personal experience as a police detective investigating property and violent crimes as well as a SWAT officer developing security plans for high risk individuals such as Judges and political figures. This service includes a visit to your home to identify areas of vulnerability and develop strategies to deter or respond to situations such as an attempted burglary or home invasion.   Included in this service is a comprehensive written report detailing identified issues and recommendations.  

Cost: $150 (in the Southern Utah area) (if you are outside the Southern Utah region, we may still be able to provide a survey on-line, or provide a quote that includes travel expenses)

Active Killer/Work Place Violence Training

In a time where mass killings and violence in our public spaces have become all too common it is irresponsible to assume that your venue be it a business, church, or government organization will not be affected.  Redpass Training Solutions offers comprehensive, customized, and scalable training to help make your venue safer and your employees more prepared for violence.    

Cost: Please call for a quote